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The Rules:
- This is a Disney animated only tag - No live-action films.
- Pixar films and characters are allowed
- Honorable Mentions are allowed.
- You must tag 5 of your friends at the end of this tag.
- Have fun, and I hope you’ll enjoy this tag.

Name 5 of your favorite Disney animated films! (Not in order.)
1. Wreck-It-Ralph
2. Treasure Planet
3. Beauty and the Beast
4. Lilo and Stitch
5. A Goofy Movie

Name 3 of your favorite Disney characters! 
1. John Silver  - Treasure Planet (Probably my favorite out of the 3 favorite characters.)
2. Ralph - Wreck-It-Ralph (It was really hard to choose which character from this movie I liked more! I love them all. @_@)
3. Eugene/Flynn Rider - Tangled

Honorable Mention(s):(for favorite movies)
101 Dalmations
The Rescuers
Oliver and Company
The Hunchback of Notre Dame 

Name 3 of your favorite Disney villains
1. Hades
2. Ursula
3. John Silver?? (He's technically the villain in Treasure Planet.. Even though I don't think of him as one.)

Name 3 of your favorite Disney pairings.
1. Eugene/Flynn Rider and Rapunzel. 
2. Max and Roxanne
3. The Beast/Adam and Belle

3 Disney moments that have made you cry.
1. That one Dumbo scene where he get to see his mother, but his mother is all locked up and Dumbo can only feel her trunk for touch.
2. A scene from The Fox and The Hound. The old lady has to give up Tod...
3.  I don't have a 3rd moment. Yeah, Bambi's mom and Mufasa's death scenes don't make me cry. I'm a cold-hearted bastard, but no honestly. They're sad. I just didn't cry during these moments. Even as a kid they didn't make me whimper.

3 Disney moments that have made you riled up.
1. The moment where Esmeralda hurts Quasimodo's feelings. (You know, when she loves Phoebus more romantically than Quasi... I get so angry at that part. Lol)
2. The Scene with Anna and Hans in Frozen. (YOU KNOW THE SCENE! Fuck you Hans.)
3. Cruela de Vil... Just her in general. (She's evil. Killing poor puppies to just make a stupid fur coat?! I hate her. Lol Catchy theme though...)

3 Disney moments that have, or still frighten you.
1. That fucking clown scene from The Brave Little Toaster.
2. Pinocchio scene where all the children are turning into Donkey's because they were misbehaving. Then being forced into labor.
3. Pinocchio scene again with that fucking whale.

3 Disney moments that make you happy.
1. John Silver being a good guy again in Treasure Planet.
2. Genie being freed from Aladdin.
3. Ending of Wreck-It-Ralph. It's so sweet.

Name of your favorite Disney songs
1. Poor Unfortunate Soul - The Little Mermaid
2. Why Should I Worry? - Oliver and Company
3. Toss up between Stand out and Eye to Eye. (Because I'm 90's trash. They're really dated songs. But I love them!)

Honorable Mention(s) For Songs:
I have too many. I love most of them. :)

Anyone can do this if they want to :) (Smile)


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United States
Sup I'm MsLela92 or AKA Lela and yes, I'm a cat. :iconjumphehplz:

Okay, okay real talk. I'm 21 years old person. I like a lot of stuff, pretty chill person to talk too. Open minded and friendly. I love to draw and write. :)

Glad you visited my page! :la:

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GO BUCKEYES Buckeyes Stamp by Jamaal10


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