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May 18, 2013
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Alfred stared at the computer screen with a not so amused expression. It was another photo his friend Oliver had taken with his "Oh so perfect family" he had. Well, that's what the cupcake freak call's his family. He glanced at the almost mirror imagine son Oliver had. Except his son had the eyes of his mother. A disgust tone trickled from brunette's throat and closed the window. He couldn't take anymore of this cutesy shit. But somehow he was slightly envious of what Oliver had. A beautiful wife, a good home, a decent job, a smiling son.

Years ago this would make the American's head turn away and sneer at the thought, but now. Being older, he felt a bit lonely and yearned for the same kind of thing. Not that he would openly express this to anyone. Especially Oliver, he wouldn't leave him alone if he told him that.

Ring Ring

The phone broke him from his thoughts and leaned back from his chair to look at the caller ID. What a surprise. It was Oliver to give him a call.

Alfred rolled his chair over and picked up to phone. "Yeah..." Alfred asked bluntly. A few giggles were heard from the other line. "Spit it out damnit!" Alfred hissed. The giggles stop. "Watch your mouth Alfie! What did I tell you about swearing!" His lid literally flipped whenever he swore. Good times...

Alfred sighed. "So what do ya want?" the brunette asked again.

Oliver's tantrum stopped and went back into a fit of giggles. "My poppet has a little cupcake in the oven again!" He chimed excitedly. Alfred sat bemused at the situation. "A cupcake in the what? What the fuck Oliver?"

"Language!" Oliver angerily gasped on the other line. "Do I need to send the swear jar!" Oliver finished.

Alfred sighed again. Gripping the bridge of his nose. "Anwser my question.." Oliver took a moment to straighten up.

"We're having another baby!" He giggled.

Another one!?! Great another little freak to roam the earth with Oliver's DNA. That's what the world needs... A faint giggle was heard again. "You know, you should think about starting a family yourself~ Oh it would be sooo adorable~!" Oliver cooed. Alfreds face flushed, thoughts rushed through his mind of a family of his own, but quickly gave a stubborn sigh. "Yeah, yeah I know! Bye!" He hung up the phone and groaned. He gave himself a minute or two to reflect on the whole conversation. Family? Me? If only... Suddenly his face shift to the window to a bright sunny day.

'I'll go for a walk, I might just find what I'm looking for...'


Today was like any other, Horrible...

You worked a small book shop, It had it's fair share of visitors and customers. The elderly were nice, Some parents brought their kids in to read in the kiddy corner of the store. The owner would convey of random conversation throughout the morning until your shift was over.

You worked until 1 PM, It was now 3 PM and you were now getting the daily bullying from your college campus. Class hasn't even started and they found you.

"Whatcha got there, whore!" A girl grinned menacingly and forcefully tug a important binder from you.

Your  notes for class were tucked in there!

A couple of her stuck up, kiss ass of the bully's friends held you from sturggling. The bully opened and emptied all of hard work onto the dirty ground. Her feet crushing shredding anything that was of any use to you in class. A year ago you dated a guy she liked. He ended up cheating on you on the 4th month of dating... With her. Even though she now has her man. She still gave you shit 'til this very day for stealing what was hers.

It wasn't the first time getting bullied, but you at least thought it would get easier when you started college... Only you were terribly wrong  and it was far worse then what you experienced.

After your bully finished smashing your stuff around she casually walk over to you. Kneeling done to your level. She smirked as she took out the cigarette from her mouth and dangled it a little to close to your face. "It would be ashame to mess up this pwetty face of yours _________~" She mocked. Her friend giggled evily to please her.

Suddenly, something went very wrong. A huge thud was heard and the bully's eyes immediately went white.

Her friends gasped and she toppled over, blood gushing from behind with a object sticking out of it.

A spiked baseball bat?

The Bully's minions let go of you to help her. "Well, well, well~" A voice sang deeply. You face flushed to see a  tall, tanned, brunette man walking toward all of you. He had a mocking smirk of achievement. His eyes were behind a pair of aviators.

"You almost killed her!" one of her minions  yelled at the man.

He walked forward pulling the bat out of her head. His head tilt to a angle to reveal his beaming red eyes.. "Scram..." he said more intimidating then they could imagine. Without another word, they left before they could be hurt too.

"So, getting bullied I see?" He asked with a smirk.

You eyes welled up and you launched at him. A surprised gasp took over him. His face flushed red. "Thank you! You're my hero!". His face scrunched up. "Hero?" you nod.

He looked away blushing more.

"Well, can your "Hero" get a kiss for saving your ass?" He asked still not looking at you directly. He was very cute you thought. Without a thought you went in for a small kiss on the cheek, but he turn your face to meet his lips. You turned beat red. He pulled away with a amused face.

"M-My name is __________." you stuttered, still at a loss for words.

His eyes beamed at you giving a smirk like grin.  You notice he had a missing tooth. Was he some kind of thug?

"The names Alfred" He replied pulling his bat over his shoulder.

That day the both of you found  something very unexpected for the both of you. A awesome ending to a terrible day and a new friend. As for Alfred.

He found just what he wanted. Just a little cutie he found all for himself.
A side story/sequel to my previous series.  --> I hope I didn't mess up 2p!America's personality. xD

Hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and criticism will be appreciated!

Update: What the- Why does this have so many views and favorites?

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story (c) :iconmslela92:

You (c) :iconsmug2pamericaplz:

Previous series:

Part 2: There was a part 2, but it ended up being crappy. A lot of people kind of forced me into making it and when it was made. No one liked it. Okay, a few day did, but the majority kept saying they were confused by it and didn't like it. So I took it down. If you really want a part 2 so badly, then make up your own conclusion. I'm sorry. I really am. I'm writing this here just in case someone might ask for a part 2 or ask why I took it down. 
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