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[Contest entry]

I guess people has always found you intimidating, you try interacting with others. They're either scared away or they out right tell you to go away.

It's been this way  ever since you could remember.

Yes, you had your parents and other family members that still loved you. They were your closest friends..

You wore things that made you look the way you were and frightened people. Your (color/length)  hair was always messy and in your face all the time. You looked like something that came out of  a scary japanese horror movie.

When you walked up to people with the way your hair was. They found it creepy. Even when it was something as trival as asking for simple directions.

You couldn't afford wearing all those cute clothes other women wore. Being a college student and all, and you couldn't style your hair to save your life. Plus you were perfectly comfortable just wearing old torn baggy jeans and T-shirts with a oversized hoodie over it. It made you look smaller, considering you were on the bigger side.

You hated being frightening to others, but when they came near you. As simple as a hug or any affection. Your insecurities get the best of you and you give them that clint eastwood stare and push them away, which is the opposite of what you want.

So here you are, a normal sunday in your apartment, laying on the couch. Looking at the TV while your scottish fold cat, Crumpet laid on your plush tummy. As much as you hated having anything touch your stomach. You didn't mind having your cat touch. It's only a cat. Not like they care, If only other people thought like that. You were picked Crumpet up kissing him on his head and put him down on the floor.

You turned your body toward the couch getting ready for a short nap until your cell  phone stared blaring through your pocket.

You reach and look at your phone to see the cell number wasn't a cell number you recognised. Well, the heck with it. You hardly got any phone calls anyways. Might as well anwser, right? Even it was the wrong number, at least you talked to someone that wasn't afraid of you. They couldn't see you, so why not?

Pulling your body into a sitting position. You tapped "anwser  call" on the pad of your phone and instantly put it to your ear.

No voice...

"Hello?" your voice was soft and a bit shy. Even phone calls made you feel anxious. 'Did I scare the person away? Am I THAT cursed?' you thought with concern.

"Ello there poppet! Is this Ms. ___________ ____________ speaking?" A cheery voice chimed into your ear.

"Erm, yeah this is ____________ ____________ speaking. Who is this? Are you a telemarketer?" you asked somewhat curiously.

Kind of peppy for a telemarketer...

Crumpet hopped back in your lap, laying down on your lap like a  pillow as you waited for a response. "My name is Oliver Kirkland and I am in no way a telemarketer. Let's say, I'm your friend." His smooth british voice replied. You scoff and leaned against the arm of the couch. "Friend? Not likely. Wait, how did you get my number. How do you know my name?" the more you asked questions the more he giggled on the other end. It was kind of creepy, but you were curious of the mans intentions.

"Ohh, I seen you around campus. I've just been keeping my eye on you poppet. I just couldn't take it anymore and conjured up some magic to find your cell number. You seemed so lonely~" Was this a stalker? Oh god, you hoped not. You may have wanted friends, but not a stalker! God why would you give such a cruel gift!

"So poppet, let's make this short. Meet me at the fashion department of our university, room 4C at 5PM this evening." He said quickly. You were about to say something but Oliver spoke up again cutting you off. "And if you don't, I'll come get you little missy~" he giggled and hung up.

A few minutes has passed, you still held the phone to your ear trying to get your mind over what just happened. Your eyes glanced at the clock.

4:45 PM...

Your cat meowed bumping his head against your slightly chubby chin. "Should I go Crumpet? If I don't he'll find me.." you asked looking directly at your cat like a person. Crumpet only purred giving you a reassuring look that thing's will be okay.

You huffed "Okay let's do this" you self-proclaimed.

You didn't throw much on, you wore the same torn baggy jeans with a big T-shirt on with whatever video game logo it had on it and put on a huge hoodie to hide the chubbiness you didn't really care for.

The distance to the university was short and soon enough you found yourself in the fashion department.

The clock on the wall read 4:55 PM.

"Early bird catches the worm I guess... Or is that only for morning's?" muttering under your breath and shrugged a bit as you were stilling looking for room 4C. It was pretty empty at this time of the evening. There wasn't any classes 'til 7.  "4C, 4C, Ah there it is" you smiled and opened the door, the lights were already on. The room was filled with sewing machines, fabric, needles, rulers, paper, pencils, and one of those dress dumbies you put the clothes on. Kind of reminded you of the Project Runway design room. You were just waiting for Heidi Klum or Tim Gunn with the kind of vibe you got from this room, but no, from the far side of the room revealed a strawberry blonde man coming out from the curtains with some materials.

"All done, and just in time!" he chimed happily.

"Ehem, excuse me?" you spoke up. This made the man jump and turn to you with shock, which in turn made a faint smile cross your lips. The way his face was pretty cute. His had freckles covering his pale skin with beautiful blue eyes with pink sprinkled in them. His outfit was pretty odd also. He wore a pair of beige khaki's with a white dress shirt and neon pink sweater vest over it with a neon blue bowtie to top it all off. He was definitely... Colorful.

"Oh you arrived my precious poppet!" he smiled putting his stuff down and went over to instantly hug you. Of course, with this action happening so fast. You were caught extremely off guard.

"Uh, Oliver.. C-Can you not hug.. me..." a blushed wiped acrossed your chubby cheeks.

He pulled away, his smile replaced with a not pleased expression. "But you feel so good to hug~" he pouted as he lightly poked at your sides. It made you squeak, hopping backwards. "S-Stop" your blush, but he wouldn't stop, you were probably beat red now.

This earned a pleasant reaction and he went to pinch and squish your chubby sides. Again you squeak and squirm. To Oliver this was absolutely adorable.

"So cute~!" without another warning he glomped you.

What!? Cute!?

You instantly pried this weird british man off you and huffed "You said you wanted to meet here. What do you want?" you demanded. His face lit up like you reminded him of something important. "That's right! Come with me poppet!" he pulled you along across the room and into the curtained room from when he came some. It was dark, Oh god! Was he going to-*click* The room lit up to reveal the cutest pink lolita styled dress. (link below) with a pair of cute pink dress shoes at the bottom.

"You like it poppet?" He grinned at your astounded facial expression. He could tell you were pleased.

"It's beautiful Oliver, It's stunning!" you praised him.

"Good, because I made for you. I wanted as beautiful as you're."  a soft smile crossed his lips, with a small blush creeping up his face from the small confession.

Your heart began to flutter, but immediately insecurities flooded your mind. You look  down at yourself and at the dress. "It's a nice offer.. But something as beautiful as this would never look good on me..." you frowned laying a hand on you plush tummy. His hand over lapped yours. Your (e/c) orbs meet his bright blues. His fingers from his other hand pushing the strands of hair out of you vision for him to see your face properly.

"You'll never know 'til you try it on my dear." He smiled softly and left the room for you to change.

Minutes passed and with each growing second, Oliver grew impatient to see his cute little poppet. "____________, dear you ready~" he asked sounding a bit impatient. You sigh revealing the train wreck you thought you were. His face flushed at the sight.

"Is it bad?" you scrunched up to hide your pudge. He went over to stop you. "Simply beautiful poppet." He smiled and kissed your cheek. You blush beginning to say something, but yet again cut off. "Ah! Now for that hair and some make up!" He exclaimed pulling you to another room without any word from you to style your hair something like this. (Link below) "Only a dash of make-up, not to much because your way to pretty to even need it."He giggled.

You felt like his little dolly..

He took another good look at you and snapped his fingers. "One last touch!" he ran to a cabinet and ran back with a flower crown. (link below) and then set it on you head. "Perfect!" he giggled out once more.

Without another word he twirled you infront of a full length mirror. You gasped at the sight. For once you didn't see the creepy scary girl people saw. You saw a beautiful woman and that woman was you! You didn't see fat, you saw the curves you always wanted to see. It was stunning. You were so overwhelmed that you started to cry. For once you felt pretty and it was all thanks to your new friend Oliver.

Olvier reached his hand out  wiping the fresh tears from your face."Would you like to join me for a cupcake poppet?" He smiled. You nod letting him lead you to a different room that was already decorated for some tea party. With a ton of neon blue and pink cupcakes. Oliver pulled a seat out for you and you blush taking the seat. "T-Thanks.."

He giggled at how cute you were being.

He sat across from you putting a cupcake cake on you plate.

It looked delicious and as you began to reach. Thought's crossed your mind. Why did he do this? Why you?

"Hey, Ollie-" you cuffed you face instantly after calling him that. He stopped from eating his cupcake and blushed, his eyes widened in delight. "Ollie? Me? R-Really?" He asked. You nod sheepishly, he giggled. "I really like that nickname poppet~" his head rest against his hand staring at you dreamily. A wave of relief it you and replaced it was flutters of your heart pounding against your chest at the way he stared at you. Were you developing a crush on this weird guy? You took a moment and looked out him again.

"Why go to all this trouble. For me? You could of done this with am girl that's far prettier than me."

He took a moment as well and placed the cupcake and reached over across the table to hold your hands gently. "Because you're the one that needs the confidence the most. I wanted to show you how truly beautiful you are and your chubbiness added to it. You're just so adorable." you blush at his comment. "And after keeping an eye on you for so long. I eventually fell in love with you. I wanted to show all the people how beautiful my poppet is to the world, but only have you all to myself." He continued rubbing his thumb against the back of your hand gently.

"I love you __________. Please be my one and only." He finally confessed and reached over leaned over and  kiss your lips.

You stare at him as he waited for you to kiss back, you felt like you were going to faint. Oliver urged the kiss and you replied instantly, he tasted sweet as a cupcake. It was a wonderful flavor and couldn't resist more, but unfortunately you both pull for air and he sat back down with a smile gracing his lips.

You replied the smile. "I love you too Ollie."
This is for :iconqueeniepie10:'s contest! [link] This is my first time ever entering a contest. I hope this is good. ;u; I worked a whole week on it. I'm also sorry for not working on my other series. I just had to get this done. I hope this makes up for it you guys. Feels good to write a full story about Ollie again. c:

LINKS: Dress: [link] Hair style: [link] Flower crown: [link]

I hope you guys enjoy it! Comments and criticism is appreciated!

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story (c) :iconmslela92:

You (c) :icon2pengland:

Preview Picture (c) beekwhy [link] and her 2pEngland Ask blog [link]
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