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January 13
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

It was no secret that that you liked to eat. I mean who doesn't? But the after math of eating, that guilt you have of doing so. The fear of putting on more weight. This didn't help the fact that your boyfriend, Oliver made you cakes and other sweet goodies all the time.

It was a slow day at the Bakery you and Oliver owned together. Oliver baked the goodies while you managed the counter and tested each and every one of Oliver's new creations, but again this lead to all the recent weight you have gained. Not like you were thin before, you were always kind of chubby. Now you just thought you were fat as all hell.

Your strange boyfriend didn't take no for a answer whenever he asked you to taste his sweets.

People passed and some came in. Mainly children with their parents. You smiled giving the young ones cake pops. Cake pops were a very popular item on the menu. One of the children looked up at you was curiosity and would prod at you. You felt extremely uncomfortable with the kid touching your pudginess. "Hey big lady! Why are so fat?" The kid asked as he kept poking. His mother quickly pulled her son and gave a apologetic look. "I'm sorry Ms. ___________. He doesn't mean it..." She glared at her son. "Say your sorry." The child's mother demanded. You gulp putting your hands up in defense.

"No, no It's fine. I mean-" You stop talking as you saw a pale freckly arm with a package push over your shoulder. "Here's your order, Love. Come again." A familiar British voice chimed politely. His other arm rested around your plush waist.

The woman would nod and leave with her child, leaving you and Oliver alone once again in the empty bakery.

"Hey I have something for you to try in the back room poppet." Oliver whispered affectionately. Your body quivered from his hot breath against your ear and let him take you to the back room. Except there wasn't anything for you to try, which was a huge relief for you. Oliver took you by surprise hugging you from behind, feeling every curve you had. You blush massively "O-Ollie... You know I don't like that.." You squeal under his touch. You hear him chuckle and feel him kissing your soft neck. Oliver let one his hands travel under your dress, pleasuring you sensually.

You moan and you didn't know why he was doing this to you so suddenly. You couldn't help but become so wet from his touch. For someone so innocent and cute. He really knew how to use his hands.

"These hands only for making cakes you know." Oliver breathed.

You squeak and squirm, moan and yelp. All these sounds you made, the way you reacted to his touch made Oliver extremely hard. Oliver then used his fingers to start pumping you. You gasp and moan loudly. Oliver felt so proud of himself of what he could do to you. He felt like he was at his limit and couldn't resist any longer.

His finger pulled out of you, making you whimper for his missing touch.

"Don't worry poppet, I'll have something even better~" Oliver said, laced with lust. He pushed you over the counter and pulled you bright pink panties down around your deliciously thick thighs.

You hear him unzip himself and wait in anticipation. You wanted him to fill you like one of his cream puffs.

Oliver pushed his large dick into you, pumping immediately. You can hear the sound of his hips smacking against you big ass. You moan gripping the counter in pure ecstasy. Oliver hit the g-spot sooner than you figured and you just couldn't control your voice any longer.Letting the whole world know how much you love you British boyfriend. Oliver trusted into you harder. His hands grasp you plump hips.

Oliver's body twitch as soon he gave one last trust into you.

"AHHH __________!" Oliver moaned at the top of his lungs. His seed creamy goodness filled you as expected and the both you rode out the orgasm.

A few minutes later, the both of you clean up after yourselves and you glance at Oliver. "Oliver, what made you do all that all of a sudden?" I mean you didn't want to complain. The sex was amazing. People really underestimate his skills, but it was so unlike him to do this kind of thing in the bakery.

Oliver hugged you and kissed your cheek. "I just wanted to show you how much I really love you. Chubby and all. I actually really like the recent weight you put on." Oliver smiled cutely.

You smile and kiss him. You were the luckiest woman in the world to have a loving boyfriend like him. Okay, you still didn't like the weight, but if he liked it. You didn't mind keeping it around for him. As long as he keeps being the cute eccentric boyfriend that he is and give the most amazing sex you'll ever have in your sex.
Look I'm being productive with my stories! Yay! Still suck at writing Lemons though. This is a commission for :iconambertruesdale:! Hope you enjoy the Lemon!

Hope you all enjoy! Comments and criticism will be appreciated!

Art belongs to :iconuhoh-beek:
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CastAwayTheRaven Featured By Owner 2 hours ago  New member Hobbyist Writer
You know I was craving cream puffs before I read this...but yknow?? Mabye not LOL XD Its good btw Russia (Curse) [V2] England (Laughing) [V3] America (The Hero) [V2] Italy Stops Romano (Huggy) [V1] Free Avatar - CupTardCake 
xXCanadianFrenchieXx Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  New member
England (Shocked) [V5]  I can never look at cream puffs the same way ever again...... Btw good job! Taiga Aisaka (Melt) [V1] 
CastAwayTheRaven Featured By Owner 2 hours ago  New member Hobbyist Writer
My mom brought home cake..oh god what do I say lol
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2p Pennsylvania: *covering Admins virgins eyes*nope nope, its was good but Admin too innocent
Admin: You're so mean Alex ;-; i've read worse..i mean like more lemony! You did good job!!
narutoEATsasuke Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
awww!!!  oliver!!!
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