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December 31, 2012
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"Oliver... I'm moving" You whisper, your British friend dropped the basket full of cupcakes he was going to share with you. "But.. We just became friends.". It's been about a year in a half since you met Oliver. You managed to keep your Special Ed classes a secret. You were afraid he would look at you differently too. You were moving into the city. You were in the middle of your second grader year along with Oliver.

His bright eyes swelled up and ran to you hugging. "stay with me forever! It's not fair!" He cried.

You frown trying not to cry "Ollie... I'm sorry..." he pulled away at your word. His facial expression looking more insane. "Stay... " He said again stroking you hand. You blink at him "We'll run away.. Bake cupcakes. Live carefree." He said softly trying to forget that you were ever leaving in the first place. "Oliver stop..." pulling you hand lightly away.

"I'll miss you" you whispered and ran off. He cried loudly as you left. You chest hurt incredibly but it had to be done.. Before it was too late. It's better to say goodbye and not at all.

---FAST FORWARD 8 years---

Years has past from your elementary school days. You've grown into a young woman. The first day of high school was going to begin for you. You felt very scared entering the large school. It was unlike the middle school you spent the last two horrible years in.
Finding your locker, you tried opening it. Having a bit of trouble you heard a couple of the kids from when you went to middle school with chuckle. "Does the tard not know how to open a locker!" One laughed.

You gave a hesitant look at them. Thus began your torment for the year... Again. You see you didn't go to normal classes like other students. You had Special Ed.. Which labeled you an outcast. Although your learning disability wasn't nothing major, nor did you have any mental disabilities. You just had plain old dyslexia. That didn't stop the students from making fun of you though.

A girl from the group took the combination that was loosely written on a paper and start doing the combo for you. "Here you go you retard." She scoffed opening the locker. You just stood there staring at her. You hardly ever spoke. Even if you did, they would still call you such cruel names.

"Well, Are you gonna thank me or not" she glared. "O-oh.. Thanks..." You whispered.

You just wanted them to leave. It that too much to ask?

A male walked from the group pushing you into your locker. "What? Sorry didn't hear ya sweetie" He smirked. Tears started to form in your (color) eyes. "I say!" A voice exclaimed from the hall. You poked your head from the locker seeing a male running up to your locker and the group. He faced the man who pushed you with a angered expression.

Your eyes widen to see a face you haven't seen in a long time. "That is no way to treat a lady!" he glared pointing at him. The bully rolled his eyes walking away with the girl back to their group.

Your savior waited til they were out of view and turned to you helping you up. "Are you okay poppet?" He asked with a worrisome look. His outfit was strange like always. His dress shirt was Neon pink, purple vest and sported a neon blue bow tie. His eyes glowed usually blue with swirls of pink in them. His hair was short and messy with the color of strawberry blonde still looking the same as is ever did. Everything about his character screamed insanity.

It was almost hypnotizing seeing him again...

"Um poppet?" he asked cracking a nervous smile.

"O-Oh sorry... I'm fine..." You stutter looking down twiddling your fingers. "Thanks..."

"Why did they do that to you love?" His expression turning into worry again. You hesitated to anwser. How come he didn't remember you? This was the Ollie you remember right?

He poked you making you flinch "I-I don't know" you lied. His face squinted at you. You blush did he finally recognized you? He cracked a wild smile. "Well I'm Oliver Kirkland!" He chimed extending a hand to you. You gave a small smile. "I'm _____________". All of a sudden his facial expression changed from a happy smile to a sad pained face. "_-___________?" He asked taking a harder look at you.

You begin to feel a nervous atmosphere around the two of you. "Y-Yes?". He pinned you against the locker making a surprised gasp come out of you.

"Why did you leave me?"          
Ch. 1 to my series. I'm trying not to make it long. I'm trying my best to be active with this series. I'm trying my best with 2p! England's character. (:

Hope you all enjoy this! Please comment and criticism will be appreciated.

Prologue: [link]
Ch.2: [link]

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story (c) :iconmslela92:

You (c) :icon2pengland:
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I feel Violence, I feel violence, I feel violence! though I'm often wrong at guessing, I still feel violence coming... or much sad and remembering reading
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Waaaaah!!!!!!Danisnotonfire: FEELS Squee! Cry forever Cry forever Cry forever 
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"Why did you leave me?"

waterfall of tears
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Oh shit oh shit oh shit AHHHHHHHHH
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*reads last 2 sentences* Oh.... My.... God!!! Reader-chan be careful............. Btw I LOVE this series!~
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I take this as my que to run......
MsLela92 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Student General Artist
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Can I just say this....thank you! Your story is the first one I've read that makes the reader be in a special Ed class. I'm placed in one and have been for the past nine years. And to torture is hard and it's made me be alone. But your story makes me smile knowing that someone knows the torture and torment that we face daily.
hedgehogs11 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

I'm in highschool?! :iconfuckyeahplz: YESH

Me: Oh no no no Oliver, I didn't LEAVE you, I just...

Oliver: You just what?

Me: I just left for a little...

Oliver: Lie

Me: Verdammt it... well I'm going to die now, r-right?

Oliver: -Suddenly gets perky- Of COURSE NOT poppet~ your my best friend!~

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