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January 1, 2013
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You stare into his eyes unsure on how to answer his question. "H-Huh?" you gulp. His grip tightened on you. All your senses were telling you to run. It was the same feeling when you left.

"You left all of a sudden, It wasn't nice poppet.." He leaned onto you putting his head on the crook of your neck. His hold letting go of you, leaving the two of you standing there. "Oliver.. I had no choice.." You sighed pulling him into a hug. "But I gave you a choice." He started. He pulled up. His mouth inching toward your ear "Remember? I asked you to stay with my forever. Bake cupcakes. Live carefree."

Chills shivered down your spine. "O-Ollie..." you stutter out.

Oliver's smile widened in your small response. "Hey you kids! Shouldn't you be in class!" A teacher howled at the both of you. Oliver looked over with a small glare toward the teacher. "Hmph how rude! I finally see my best friend after all these years and it get's cut short." He huffed. You smiled nervously taking Oliver's hand "S-Sorry! We'll get to class pronto!" You smiled pulling your odd friend down the hallway.

After walking fulling out of view of the teacher Oliver stopped you. "I'll walk you to class, if you want love." He offered. You turned fast "N-No I'm good!" You squeaked.

He pulled into a random hug "I missed you.. Please don't leave me again..." you blush hugging back "I thought you would of hated me after all this time.." You mumbled. Oliver pulled away with a small gasp. "How can I hate my best friend!?". You giggle at his mood swings. 'Just like old times' you thought. You felt his hand twirl yourself to his side feeling a firm hand on your shoulder. "Besides, I have you now. You can't get away now poppet!" He grinned.

You blush "R-Right" you said shyly. He chuckled "Now where is your class. I never really been to any of your classes."

A frown crossed your lips. "I'll walk myself.."

Actually you were just a crossed from your class. It was colorfully decorated... It was quite noticeably the Special Ed room.

"Well... If you say so.." He began to talk. "Just promise me we'll have lunch together!" He chimed. He pulled out a paper with his schedule. "You have Period 4/5 lunch right?" He asked. You nod. His hands clapped joyfully. "Splendid! I'll meet you there __________!" He shouted happily giving you one quick hug.

A huge blush crossed you face. Someone was actually going to sit with you at lunch? Not just anyone but a friend! 'Thank the heaven I have a friend again.. ' you thought happily.

"Definitely, I'll be there" You smiled.

"Good! Because if you didn't" His hold gripped harder against your body make you gasp. His stare turning into a spine chilling insane look. "I'll come find you..."

---2p! England's POV---

She shuttered under my hold as I glanced at her one last time. Her big (color) eyes widening from my grip. Her beautiful (Length/color) hair flown back a bit. How long I wanted to see her face like this. My only friend. The one I want to spend the rest of my days with. I won't let her go away this time. I smirk letting go of her. "See ya poppet~" I chuckled walking the opposite way.

A couple minutes later walking trying to find my class I spot the group that harassed my ____________. "Deary me, Look what we have here~" I cooed sneaking closer to the group.

"Why can't that retard just die already." A girl smirked.

"She's a waste of space." Another girl laughed. I furrowed my eyebrows. 'What in the bloody hell did ___________ ever do to these people..' I thought. Well doesn't matter. Whoever is a enemy of ____________'s is a enemy of mine.

This is certainly going to be fun.        
Kind of a filler chapter.. Sorry! It sucks... >_< Ch.3 has so much more in it. I mean A LOT MORE. It'll be up soon.

I hope you all enjoy this! Comments and Criticism will be appreciated!

Prologue: [link]
Ch.1: [link]
Ch.3: [link]

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story (c) :iconmslela92:

You (c) :icon2pengland:
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Follow-the-Blood Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Yay! Violence! I am sooo happy violence is on Ollie's mind! Violence is always fun!
HetaliaLover20 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014
Me: Oliver I give you full permission to poison those suckers.
Oliver: Arsenic or Cyanide?
Me: Both

Author gets cookieCookie Tackling hug Frozen - HUG! Bro hug 042 - Free hug Italy (Free Hug) [V2] Hug 
 HAHAHA HE LOOKS LIKE BEN DROWNED BUT ITS SO CUTE home 7654 you rock the Ben story made me want to cry he is so missunderstood I bet slender is directing him to kill pepole
Home7654 Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Jesus he's creepy... Him and 2p Lovi are the only 2ps I'm scared of, but still... creepy fuckers.

:icon2pengland::iconsaysplz: WHAT WAS THAT POPPET?
:iconhome7654::iconsaysplz: Nothing..... DON'T EAT ME!!!!
MsLela92 Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Student General Artist
You're in luck, Oliver doesn't eat people. It kind of spoils the cupcakes, but yeah I get how you can find Oliver creepy.. (Well I wrote him that way for this story at least.) lol Honestly don't know much about 2p! Lovi. I should look up more about him.
Home7654 Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
MsLela92 Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Student General Artist
As much Creepypasta as I read for entertainment and love for all things scary and creepy. I think I will be fine. xD
Home7654 Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
DUDE YOU READ CP TOO?! Have you read Squidward Suicide? As stupid as it sounds, I read Jeff and Jane the Killers, Eyeless Jack, BEN, Lost Silver and like thirty others, and that one was the creepiest.
MsLela92 Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  Student General Artist
Yep, yep! I've read pretty much all the Creepypasta's you mentioned except for Jane the killer's. I think either Suicide mouse of Squidward's suicide was my first Creepypasta's. I forget the name of my favorite Creepypasta though. I listened to MrCreepypasta on YouTube read it and It was really creepy. Something about watching a video tape or something. But then Again BEN Drowned is probably a fan favorite of mine. It was very well written and creatively done.
EnterHetaliaNameHere Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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