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After a few hours of basically nothing. You frown at your homework from the past few periods. Crosswords and fill in the blanks... Did they really think you were that stupid! They never challenged you mentally or maybe think you weren't able to do anything.. 'Typical teacher thinking I'm too fucking stupid to get any real work' you though angrily as you stuffed the homework into your binder.

The bell rang for lunch. "Finally" you sighed out.

You walk out of your classroom and down the hallway to find a crowd of student's at the nurses office.

"What's going on?" You mumble tip toeing, squinting your eyes to see what's going on. A bunch of more student bumped into you. "Watch where your standing dumb ass." One shouted. You stop going back into your metaphorical shell.

"Ok.." You whisper and headed off to lunch to meet Oliver.

You step into the huge cafeteria room looking for the strawberry blonde haired male known as Oliver Kirkland.

"____________! Over here poppet!" Oliver shouted which earned a few awkward glances toward you. You blush feeling a little embarrassed. You quickly tried making your way over. You sit your stuff on the table. "So this is the famous ___________?" a unfamiliar male voice spoke. Your eyes dart toward the man. He was tanned with reddish brown hair. Sunglasses blocked your view of his eyes. His attire was very casual. It screamed bad boy.

"Why yes Alfred, This is my dear friend __________!" He explained happily to the the unfamiliar man named Alfred. Oliver's hand would tap the seat next to him. "Come now poppet. Sit!" He smiled. You nod taking your seat beside Oliver. The Alfred man would scan you with a odd expression. It made you feel worried.
"W-What?" You squeaked at Alfred.

He gave a amusing smile. "Trying to figure out why Oliver is so dead set on you." you blush hard from Alfred's comment.

Oliver chuckled simply and a small bump was felt under the table. Alfred made a quick yelp. "Hey! No need to kick!" Alfred growled pulling his sunglasses fully showing his intense red eyes. He would glare at the accused Oliver. "What, I did nothing of the sort." He smiled widely.

Alfred rolled his eyes getting up. "Well I better head out before I get caught."
You blink "Are you skipping a class or something?" You ask innocently. Alfred chuckled at your innocence "Nah, I actually don't even go to this school." You gasp. "Your trespassing!" you exclaimed. Alfred's laugh got louder. "Love, He's my friend. No need to worry." Oliver laughed along.

"Well thanks for calling me Ollie." Alfred yawned. "Man I'm tired. Make sure to call at a better time." Al stretched and with that left you two alone. 'Called? Oliver called Alfred?' you thought curiously. I wonder why that was..

A cupcake was shoved in your face as it bothered your train of thought. "Want one?" He giggled. "Is cupcakes the only thing you eat?" You smiled take it. He pouts "You say that as if I'm so kind of cupcake fiend." You jump at the sudden emotion. "No no! It's fine!" You smile nervously. His smile appeared again like nothing. "Poppet, if you're worried about my diet. I eat other things! Nothing to fret over." he said munching into the sweet cake.

You bite into your cupcake and remember the crowd of student's at the nurses office. "hey Ollie?" You asked timidly. He would glance over with a smile "Yes love?". You gulp "I saw a bunch of student's crowding the Nurses off-""Oh Yes!" He wildly exclaimed as he shuffled through his pockets. "We need to exchange numbers!". You sigh as he cut you off so randomly.

"Oliver you cut me off..." You frowned. "Sorry poppet, now what is your number?" He asked.

The two of you exchanged numbers. 'That was so random' you thought. "Now poppet, What did you need to ask?" he said putting his phone back firmly in his pocket. "I saw student's crowding the nurses office." His face tensed a bit. "And?" he said leaning forward of you.

"Do you know what happened?" you blush at his action.

His shoulder shrug "If I knew love, I would tell you" His smile teased. Something was up. "Ollie wha-" The bell rang for the cue of lunch being over. So many things cutting you off today. "Maybe you can ask me later?" He grinned. "Can I walk you to your real classroom now." He asked. You froze and stare up at him fearing the worse. "Real classroom?" You repeated. He nodded bending down to your level. "I never get to see your classroom.

You've been hiding it ever since I could remember." His stare was determined. Not the joyful happy Oliver you very well knew. His emotions were all over the place today...

"I can't.." You gulped. His eyebrows furrowed "Why." He asked sternly.

Fearing he would do something drastic if you didn't tell him, you finally just... Gave up. "Fine.. I'll show you.." you sighed. He took your hand in his as you take him to the classroom you would spend the whole year in. You walk through the familiar hallway from this morning. "Why are we walking back here again?" He asked a bit impatient. "I'm taking you to my classroom." you said bluntly.

You stop in front of the colorful door. His stare turning confused. "This room?" He asked. Luckily it was empty right now and that you had Gym right now. You had no probablem skipping that class. Oliver's hand travel against the door. His head turning back to you.

He smile turned bright and cheerful. "What a lovely door! Your class seems fun!" He chimed.

You groan face-palming at Oliver's reaction. "It's the Special Ed room!" You exclaimed. His facial expression turned more confused. "You're in..."before he could finish his sentence you up the door to the room. "Yes... I'm sorry for hiding it from you.." You frown. Tears begin to fill your eyes. "P-Please don't hate me..." You choke up.

"Why would I hate you?" Oliver asked putting a hand on your shoulder. "B-Because.. I'm retarded... Those bullies from earlier hurt me because of this reason. I'm a fucking retard." You sniffled. Oliver turned you around pulling you into a tight embrace. "Ever since we met.. This is why?" He asked. You head nod into his chest. He would pull away to see your teared up face. His face pained from your saddening cries. "I tried explaining to them.. But they don't listen!" You bellowed. "I'm not dumb! I'm not dumb!" You kept crying out.

"I-I want to hurt them.. More.."He said revealing a smirk.

You look up at him "Huh?" you sniffled.

"Poppet, I'll see you tomorrow." Oliver wildly exclaimed and kissed your forehead. His bodied turned to run. "W-Wait Oliver!" you said grabbing his arm. "What are you doing!" You demanded. His body tensed and let out a small chuckle. "Going home love~ I have things to do!" He smirked taking one more glance at you and he ran off. "You won't be hurt anymore poppet."

You didn't see Oliver the rest of the day. Even when you got on the bus. 'what the hell are you doing Oliver..' you thought with worry.

---2p! England's POV---

"Is she really worth to go through all this trouble Oliver?" Alfred asked leaning back against the kitchen chair. I chuckled. "She's my friend, Friends help each other out." I hummed mixing the cupcake batter.

"You know that was a close call earlier.." Alfred smirked at me.

I sighed pulling out a small bottle that contained liquid inside. "Too true, at least you didn't kill them yet.". The liquid would fall into the liquid " Tsk Tsk, How troublesome." I hummed once again mixing in the quid. "This should knock them out for awhile." I chuckled.

"Well I actually can't wait to go to school now!" Alfred grinned.

I tap my foot and turn to him. "Now Alfred, This will be a after school matter!" I huffed.

The American laughed putting his hands up in defense. "Alright dude whatever.. You must like this __________ girl a lot."

"More then you'll ever know" I smiled.        
I'm somewhat more satisfied with this chapter. At least it's going some where haha. Oh no I unleashed crazy 2p! England! He doesn't like seeing his friends hurt! D:

I hope you all enjoy this! Please comment and Criticism will be appreciated!

Ch.1: [link]
Ch.2: [link]
Ch.4: [link]

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story (c) :iconmslela92:

You (c) :icon2pengland:
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I was in special ed for a while, and they gave me crappy worksheets like that. to be honest, whenever they did, I was so insulted by the simplicity of it that I refused to do them. I was only in special Ed because before I went to a super advanced school, and because I couldn't do tenth grade math in eighth grade, I was basically written off as stupid.

then I switched schools and was normal(ish)
so I could really relate
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Until one day, a bunch of meanies decided to bully poor Tiny (Name).
Tiny 2P!England was very mad, and went over the tiny hill, crossed the tiny bridge, climbed up the tiny tree, and kicked those meanies' (of course, 2P!America helped too) tiny b*tch ass.
And nobody f***s with Tiny 2P!England and his friends.
Ain't nobody..
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