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January 13, 2013
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Years have past since that day. The day you got your revenge against the ones that hurt you for some many years. You regretted your decision a few times since then.. The fate was sealed right then and there. You wondered 'What if?'. Fearing that you would of been caught for such a heinous murder. Oliver took it upon himself to take you away. Hide away from the world. Change identities and if anyone questioned otherwise..

Well Oliver would fix that problem.

You get up from your chair to gaze out the grand window. The country side of England was such a wonderful site. It felt homely.

The question was, you had no idea how you got here. After the event of hacking your bullying apart. You spiraled into tears, not believe what you have done. You just snapped... You had to quickly get out of town.


"O-Oliver! What the hell are we going to do!" you cried staring at your blood stained palms. Oliver quickly brought you into another hug.

"We're leaving poppet" he whispered softly while he petted you.

You sniffle gazing up at him "Oliver... It's not going to be easy! What if-" Oliver cut you off with his index finger giving a hush sound. "Do you trust me?" He smiled. Feeling a bit hesitant at his question you gulp. What did you have to loose. You're a murderer on the run. you nod at him with subtle sniffles. "O-Okay.." and with that darkness consumed you and bam, you were unconscious.

By the time you woke up, you were informed by Oliver that you were in England. Whether you wanted to question him or not. You just accepted it without any argument.. He had a the chain keeping you to him and you couldn't leave..

---End Flashback---

A click of a door was heard bring you out of your thoughts. You turn to see your husband Oliver coming home from work. "Ello, love!" He smiled giving you a loving kiss. Shortly after moving here, Oliver confessed his feelings to you. Needless to say. It wasn't really a choice. You knew if you would of said no, he would of killed you right where you stood. It was like being captive by a beast. Yet... He was always so kind and caring toward you. Was this what Stockholm syndrome is like? Falling in love with your captor. Sure Oliver had his 'off' moments, but were you any better?

Giving a kiss back, you hug him putting your head against his chest. His arms wrapping around your waist as he swayed from side to side in a dancing manner.

"How was the bakery today?" You spoke softly.

He huffed at the question looking a bit disappointed. "They didn't like any of my baking idea's.." He pouted. You giggled kissing him on the cheek. "No one will top your baking sweetheart." you cooed. His mood changed into a rapid smile giving a big bear hug. "You're too good for me ____________!" He chimed twirling you.

Giggling at your bipolar husband, a small child burst's right through the door crying.

"MAMA~!" he yelled. A gasped came out of you and instantly pull away from Oliver kneeling to the floor letting your son ( Son's name) hug you. He let his face rustle into your chest crying.

A big frown appeared on your lips as well as on your husbands face. You pet his strawberry blonde hair trying to comfort the little 4 year old. "What's wrong honey?" you asked patting the small boy's back gently. "N-Nobody likes me..." he muffled into your chest. Oliver cocked a eyebrow. "Pardon?" he asked kneeling down to the same level as you were.

(Son's name) pulled away with big (your eye color) tear filled eyes.

"The other kid's said I was weird and made fun me for talking to the fairy friends!" he cried.

Oliver's eyes twitched slightly and that same insane smile from all those years ago started to reappear again. "Did they said anything else to you?" his father asked rather sternly. (Son's name)'s head nodded slowly. "They said if I talk to my fairy friends again, they'll beat me up.." he mumbled trying to wipe the tears away from his flushed face. Oliver's eyebrows furrowed in disgust of the other children and stood back up clenching his fists. You instantly grab a hold of your husband's wrist.

"Ollie please..." you tried telling him. You gave a glance back to your son. "(Son's name), please go play with your toys while your father and I discuss this." you asked him giving a motherly peck on the forehead.

The small boy nodded going to his toys unaware of his father's intentions.

You suddenly hop up embracing your husband. Trying not to imagine what he would do to those children. He was very protective of his family. You didn't want things to go down like they did all those years ago. "Oliver please calm down..." you said kissing his face repeatedly. "B-But those kids...""No Ollie.." You demanded in a soft tone taking your husband's face into your hands, making full eye contact. His pink swirls lighting bright from his eyes with anger.

"Let's deal with this, the right way." You said giving a small smile.

THE END.          
The end...

I hope you all enjoy the end to this! Comments and Criticism will be appreciated!

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Ch. 5:

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story (c) :iconmslela92:

You (c) :icon2pengland:
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