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Today was a special today, well most people call it that. To you though, It was just another day of getting older. Quite the pessimistic thinking you might say. But being 21 now, single and living in a small house with a couple cats. Getting payed in a low income job as a waitress at some rinky dinky diner. Paying bills for college, paying rent to even keep this house. This was on your mind more than your own birthday. Kind of sad, but you know life was tough and you got to face that.

A buzz from your phone brought you out of your thoughts. You groan as you turn over the answer it. "Hello..?" you mumble softly clenching closer to the covers.

"DUDE, HAPPY FREAKIN 21ST BIRTHDAY!" A familiar obnoxious blonde boomed into you ear. Not like you wanted to hear anyways. Alas you hold down the urge remark on his loud voice and forced a smile. "Thank you Alfred, first as always. Now can we pick this up later? It's still far to early." you replied to your best friend looking at the clock.

"Oh, well okay babe... OH, I'M GONNA THROW YOU A EPIC BIRTHDAY PARTY TONIGHT." He boomed once more. You sat up quickly eyes widened.

"A what now?"

He laughed "Be at my apartment at 8 PM!" As soon as that was said he hung up.

You groaned and hopped out of your bed. "So inconvenient..." you sighed. No helping it, what Alfred said is final and no way around it. If you even object, he'll whine and throw a tantrum 'til you said yes. Something else felt odd. Did he just call you babe? He wouldn't call anyone that unless you were one of his girlfriends. He was quite popular at campus, a real stud and you would be lying if you said you didn't have a huge crush on him.

Although you were the many few to know Alfred's true side. Not some popular flirtious jock everyone knew at school. Quite the opposite frankly.

As you walked out into the kitchen and prepared some coffee, you thought about you days in high school with Alfred. He was a popular guy then too. Star quarterback, got all the girls, envy stares from all the guys. Yet he was always with you. The nerdy geeky chunky girl. His real side was that he loved comic books, video games, cartoons, even some animes. Don't let me get started about him dragging me to every comic book movie premiere. Always first in line and always first to get tickets. And always took you with him. Always you... Which you could never understand. Personally he derserved a lot better.

A meow brought you out you out of your thought. One of you cats needing food. Well better get the day over with...

After the long work day and a couple hours of a study session. You look at the clock to see it's 6:30 PM. You gulp fearing the worse Alfred could be planning. He always got a bit out of hand with his parties. You went to your room laying out your favorite (color) dress with a pair of (color) heels to go along.

Awhile after sorting your jewelry you went into the bathroom to prepare your make up and hair.

The phone rang a few times. Alfred was probably was calling to either remind you or ask you were still even coming. You ignore it and put your (color/length) hair in a pony tail and curl the ends of the hair. Might as well look good.

20 minutes later the phone rang again. You were already dressed and ready. A sigh escaped your lips and anwsered the phone. "Yes Alfred?" You asked bluntly. Huffing were heard on the other end.

"_-________?" Alfred finally spoke.

"Did you jog or something?" raising a eyebrow. "You didn't answer! I was calling if you wanted a ride over and you didn't pick up. I guess I forgot my car.. Crap..." He exclaimed taking in a couple more huffs. Hearing a faint slap. Facepalming probably. You giggled a bit at his worriesome act.

"so you're at my..." you trailed off walking into the livingroom and to your front door. You saw through the peep whole to find and exhausted Alfred holding the phone to his ear. You giggle a little again at the sight. It was kind of adorable at how worried he could get. You set the phone down and opened the door. His eyes lit up at the sheer sight of you.

"Woah baby..." He blurted out.

You grin "Heh, like what you see" you stuck a sexual pose or him to earn more funny expression. He nodded ever so wanting to tackle you right then and there. You looked positively devine to him. The American grew red and looked away.

"You look gorgeous" He smiled.

A noticable blush spread across your face and look away. "W-Well are you taking to my "birthday party" or what" you asked with a slight stutter. Fiddling with the end of you jacket. Seriously, this wasn't the time to flirt. Hell, I bet he was just being polite. He didn't really mean it. Even if you really liked him though. "Well, acutally nobody would come.." he expressed with a nervous chuckle. Great, what a fucking stab to the heart that is. Well with all considering. You didn't really expect that many people to come anyways. Most of your friends lived back home. With Alfred your only friend from home. It was surprising to have him get accepted into this college too. Hm, maybe with one of those football scholarships perhaps.

"Well, It is a school night you know. My birthday is on a weekday. No one is going to go to a party on a week night." You explained. You glimpsed at him pouting at his failed party idea he wanted to give you. You let out a small sigh. "Come on, we'll have our own party." you smiled lightly.

Alfred tackled you smothering you in unexpected kisses, yet none of them were kissed on your lips. Making you blush rather furiously.

"Hell yeah ! Let's partaaay babe!" He yelled excitedly. There he goes with the babe name again..

Hours after ordering a pizza, playing video games, watching a movie. It was already 2:30 AM. A yawn escaped you lips and you hugged you knees, leaning against the arm rest of the couch. Alfred smiled scooting his way over. "Sleepy?" He grinned. You blink and shake your head. He leaned a bit closer with that same goofy grin. "Your really adorable trying to fight off sleep ________." he chuckle pushing the strands of your hair out of your face. Trying to resist the urge to blush, you swat him away hopelessly.

He would laugh and get up, although not to leave. But to pick up after the mess you two caused. To you though, being incredibley tired. It looked like the other way around. Is he going to leave? Quite honestly... You didn't want him to go. As he walked passed, you grab the end of his superman shirt unknowingly making a  pouty face. It was more adorable on a chubby face like yours.

"Don't leave Alfie..." You whimpered.

The blonde's heart jumped, That's it. Go time!

The American jump on top of you holding you close. Snuggling each and every bit of you. "Like hell I'll leave a pretty damsel." he cooed. You giggle being the oh so adorkable Alfred he was. "Alfred, ok enough fooling." you giggled as he began to tickle you with kisses on you neck. "C-Come on Alfie, you don't want to do this with a fatass like myself." you squeaked pushing him off lightly. He stopped giving you a weird stare. "But I wanna have fuuuun" he whined reaching out for you. Your legs kept him at the distance. You began to smile in victory.

He suddenly spread you legs apart and glomps you into a cuddle fest. "You unleashed the beast _________. I wanna show you some birthday love!" He purred huskily into your ear wrapping his arms around you plump waist giving a squeeze. You gasp staring at his instense passion filled baby blue orbs.

"Alfie! What has gotten over you!" you squealed feeling him grope something the made you blush more. "Let's just say, This is me telling you that I love you" he grinned planting his lips on yours. He pulled away looking at your flushed speechless expression.

"And I'm not lying about that either. A hero never lies." he winked.

A wide smile spread across your face. Grabbing a hold of the whole situation that he was trying to tell you. You gave back a kiss to the American. "Well, I love you too Mr. hero"

To say the least, That was the best birthday you spent in a long time. Earning the best gift you could ever receive. A loving loud adorkable boyfriend and you got to say.

That was the night you'll never forget. He was surely the hero that night.
Hope this doesn't suck. Kind of got lazy at the end. Almost turned into a lemon. XD This is to celebrate my thanks for all the support you guys have been giving me! Love ya all! :D

I hope you guys like it! Comments and criticism is appreciated!

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story (c) :iconmslela92:

You (c) :iconsexyamericaplz:
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