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November 12, 2012
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"A-Alfred!" You stutter out to him trying to catch up. He turned back and smiled  "Hey _________!" he chimed excitedly.  "U-um... Well...." you spoke almost half breath. "Whats wrong?" he tilt his head. You would sigh out.

"Um Y-You forgot to wait for me when you left class." You squeaked fiddling with your lunch box. He laughed "Well I was getting hungry! So hurry up next time!" he replied in a goofy manner. You playfully punch his shoulder. The tall hero took your hand taking you to a bench to eat at. As you sat, you opened up your lunch. You look over at Alfred "U-um Alfred?" you spoke out. "Hm?" he replied as he ate some of his burger.

"I made some cake, so um... After we eat lunch can we both try it?" You asked shyly.

His mouth gaped open with a huge smile "Totally dudette! I love cake!" He howled excitedly making you giggle. He stopped and stared as you just giggled. A small blush raising from his cheeks. "So cute..." he trailed off. You stopped staring at him "Hm?" you mumbled taking a bite of your hot dog. "Haha Nothing! Just excited!" he laughed nervously.

You shrugged and kept eating. . As you both ate you noticed it was oddly quiet. Too quiet for you even. with a heavy awkward atmosphere.

"S-So... Um how is life?" You spoke out randomly. Alfred would chuckle "It's been chill, you?" he ask happily. "U-um fine" she stuttered. You fingers fumbled and some mustard spilled on your  shirt making you gasp "Oh no my shirt! Damn mustard!" you shrieked.

Alfred fell over laughing. You glared at him and smothered your sandwich on his shirt "How about that hero?" You smirked. He gasped at your surprising action and glare back. "Hey that wasn't called for!" he whined. "You laughed at me" You debated. He just sighed picking up his napkin with defeat.

He smoothly wipe the mustard from your shirt. "For a shy girl, you sure are feisty" He chuckled out in thought.

You blushed and he stopped to smile at you. The shirt was clean as it was before the mustard spilled. "There better?" he asked. You nod "I'm sorry I being immature and smothering my hot dog on your shirt" you said apologetically. He  laughed "Haha! It's ok babe! It was well deserved justice!" he laughed out heroically.

You  would take the cake out "Well let's eat some cake shall we" You spoke with a small giggle. He nod as you gave him a slice of cake "This look's delicious" he complimented. "It would be even more delicious if you ate some" you said smirking. He chuckle at your statement and ate some. His eyes glittered "Wow this is amazing!" he said very excitedly. You giggled and ate some herself.

The american stopped and looked over at you. You stare back  "A-Anything wrong?" You asked concerned. He shakes his head and put the cake down. "As much as I love this sweet cake, it will never compete with your sweetness" he said showing off a cheestastic grin and kissed your cheek. You blush of full crimson

"T-thanks Alfred" Trying to find the right words at the moment.

Alfred would come closer to you taking you hand caressing it softly. "___________?" he whispered. You blush more "Yes A-Alfred?" You replied. Alfred  would blush a bit "W-Will you be my girlfriend?" The hero stuttered a bit. Taking back at his question a smile spreads across your face.

"Of course Alfred" she said shyly. Alfred beginning to jump from excitement of your answer. He spontaneously kisses you just as the bell would ring.
Another America x Reader ! I love writing about America. I'm a huge fangirl for him xD More flufftastic work from the fluffinator! lol

I hope you all enjoy! Comments and criticism will be appreciated! (:

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story (c) :iconmslela92:

You (c) :iconsexyamericaplz:
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