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November 6, 2012
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You locked your (Color) eyes into the bright blue eyes of Alfred. They lit up the dim closet you were cramped in. He kept that same goofy grin. While your's stayed in torment. A blush peaks through your cheeks.

'How did it ever end up like this?' you thought as your mind raced.


You stare at the goofy grin of your neighbor Alfred pinning a "PARTY HERE" sign on his front lawn. You both went to the same college. Had some of the same classes. Just another loud college party."Great, I'll need to find my sound proof headphone tonight." you grumbled under your breath. You made your way to your mailbox trying to act unnoticed. Until a certain someone grabs your shoulder. You squeaked at the touch. "Yo! _______! Coming to my Parteh~!" The obnoxious boomed in excitement. You only turned around brushing his hand off.

"Aren't your 'Parteh's' for Popular kids only?" You questioned trying to hide a small blush from his goofy face. You never partied much, better yet never been invited to a party. Unless it was a family or close friends party.

He eyes turned confused and poked your stomach. Making you flinch. He always did that. Like you were the flipping Pillsbury dough boy..

"Dude ______, I always invite you. You never come.." he pouted playfully. Keeping your eyes contact away from the sandy haired male. You just opened your mail box. Grabbing what mail you had and turn to him "You don't want someone like me ruining the party. I'll stick out like a sore thumb" you scoffed. His eyes saddened as you began to walk away. You look back for a brief moment.

The goofy American began to go into deep thought. When he hit his conclusion. He snapped his fingers and struck a heroic pose. He then ran back to his own yard giving a glance. Waving like an idiot. You stood there and shook him off. "Idiot" you grumbled.

About a couple hours past and the idiot neighbor of yours had his party at full blast. Yelling, cars beeping. Music throbbing up to 11 and beyond. Making you even vibrate. You slugged your body further off the seat you were sitting on. Picking up the bag of chips you were munching on. "Well, I guess it's bedtime" You remark sarcastically.

You put your (favorite chips) on top of the fridge and trotted your way to the stairs. Not even three step's up the stairs and the door smashed open. Giving you a fearful shriek.

Your eyes dart to the door. The smoke cleared as a certain Hero appeared. "Alfred! What the fuck!" you yelled. He smirk letting a heroic howl. "Your coming to my parteh~! Like it or not babe!" He chanted out with determination.  Your face started to heat up.

"Come on! It'll be fun!" He  reassured you smiling.

You crossed your arms. "Oh yeah? Make me.." you smirked.

His face gave a challenge accepted and darted towards you. Before you could even move he had you flung over his shoulder. You gasp in shock "N-No Alfred stop! I'll crush you!" you whined for his safety. "Your as light as a feather _______! Why should I?" He chuckled carrying you to his home like it was nothing. Sure you weren't THAT BIG, but big enough to around 190 pounds or so. A blush hit your face. 'Why is he always this nice...' you thought confused.

Inside a few hot girls giggled at your torment.

"Wow~ Alfred is so strong~!" One squealed.

"Yeah he's strong enough to carry that fat chick" Another giggled shamelessly.

A pained expression hit your face. You then began hitting the idiot on the back "LET. ME. GO ALFRED!" You cried. His balance almost collapsed but he grasped a open closet door way. "_-_______, Calm! Ignore those sluts..." He muttered trying to keep balance. You shook rapidly and whined more.

At that moment his legs gave out and made both of you tumble in the closet. A drunk college frat guy tumbled also at that moment making the closet door close you and Alfred in.

Rubbing your head you glance over at a limp body beside you. "Oh my gosh! Alfred are you hurt!" You shrieked. His eyes shot open to your distressed voice. You hovered over him calling for him.

His same goofy grin appeared once more. A wave of relief hit you. You managed not to kill him.

"You ok ________?" He questioned scanning your body with a worrisome look. You blush but began to pouted "You shouldn't worry about me. My fat body almost killed you..". His face began to grow a sad and look to the floor. His hand hit the floor with a bang. Making you flinch "Stop putting yourself down like that, it's not true!" Alfred yelled pretty ticked.

You never saw him this pissed. "O-Ok... I won't" You pat his shoulder weakly. He glanced at you sternly. "_______... I never saw you as fat, big, ugly."He began. He suddenly brought his arms around you. "Y-You are perfect, beautiful, amazing" He stuttered to keep from choking up. Your heart began to race. No one has ever said this before to you. A smile began to form on your face. Your (color) eyes starting to water. He pulled back slightly. Giving you a deep loving gaze.

"Alfred... T-Thanks" you stutter shyly pulling your (length/color) hair behind one ear. He chuckle and brought you into a sweet kiss. You were shocked for a sec, but leaned into it kissing back with just as much (maybe even more) with love. You never knew how much you fell for a idiot like him in a matter of minutes. You realized he was always nice to you. Talking to you. Complimenting you. You were blessed to have him.

You both pulled away gazing into each other eyes.

"Heh we better get out of here huh?" Alfred chuckled hiding a blush. You nod starting to stand up. He put his hand over the door knob and jiggles it. "Uh hmmm yeah..." he mumbled nervously. You look at him as he started having trouble with the door.

"Uh, don't freak.. But we're locked in..." He trailed off still jiggling the knob. Shock came over your face. LOCKED?!

"Who has a closet that locks!" you fumed. The sandy haired man kept laughing nervously. "Haha! At least we have each other to keep company! I'm sure someone will get us out sooner or later!" He laughed idiotically. You just stood there sighing, but he has a good point. At least i'll have him to keep company.~
Hi! This is my first Hetalia x Reader! Hope you enjoy! Comments and criticism will be appreciated! ^_^

IT'S SO FLUFFY! Well to me at least.

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

You (c) :iconsexyamericaplz:

Story (c) :iconmslela92:

Preview Picture (c) :iconblue-fox:
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I don't know if 136.4 pounds is fat or not. But I always  consider myself fat oh god ._. 
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Well to me that's not fat. I think it's a fabulous size. All sizes are fabulous :meow:
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<---134 pounds, starves self cause of it, lost 21 pounds -meaning I used to be 155 pounds-, not proud of how chubby I am, 5 ft... i'm so shoooooort... it sucks, going through crowded hallways at school is suicide.
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im da same weight and height I just say fuck it the only person who can truly judge you is yourself look for the good not the bad and the skinny aneroxic bitches can go fuck themselves that's my philosophy we are all beautiful in our own way be it physical or mental or the things we can do weight and height don't matter all that matters is who you are not what you are also lifes fucked up in general so its just easier to stop caring about stuff like that
Ask-Girl-CrowFeather Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Your right! I like your logic!
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//OOC// |D Well, my body structure is different. My arms are skinny and my legs are like a barbie. I get called "Barbie legs" at school because of it. and yet my stomach is freaking soft and fluffy. ))
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I am the exact same 
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I have a little brother who says the chubbier you are, the more huggable you are.. You gotta love him
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