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You part your (color) bangs from your face in frustration. "Come on Alfred, What's up with Arthur lately?" you demanded as you clutched the cell phone tighter around your hand. "Well... He's.. Er... Studying?" Alfred puzzled trying to find a good answer. 'Someone should really tell him how bad of a liar he really is..' you mentally sigh.

"___________, I promised not to tell.." you American friend whined. "Well, I was forced too.."

Something was off, for the past couple months. Arthur hasn't been talking to you. It was weird considering he was your best friend. Hell even more to you. He would go to you for anything if something was wrong. The way Alfred kept putting off your questions. Made you worried and concern over your British friend.  "Well, is he at least home?" you ask in hope of any real sort of answer. "Yeah...""I'll visit him then!" you declared. Before any protest from the American you closed your phone darting towards Arthur's home.

Luckily you were already on your usual walk around the neighborhood, making it easier to get to his house before sunset.

When you approached the large house you try using the doorbell.


Finally you resorted to knocking. At first it was regular knocking, but then shifted to firm loud banging. A swarm of curses were heard behind the door and flew up. "Who in the bloody hell is it!" He shouted without realizing who was baring at him door. Probably think you were Francis or something to annoy him. You huff "Hello Arthur" you says tapping your foot. His face paled "_-_________!?" you roll your eyes. "Yes it's me you moron.." you say thumping his head.

His would hold the door closer to him , while he rubbed his head. "Did you really have to come at such a bad time?" he frowned. "I was just worried about you.." he would blush. His arm letting the door open more for you.  "Would you like to come in then?"

You nod and smile walking in. It was always so neat and proper looking. The house smelled nice and made you comfortable. You admired his cleanliness and was a bit jealous. You would never be able to make your house as pretty as his.

You walking into the living to see a blaring TV and a xbox 360 next to it. "Your playing a video game!" you gasp.

Arthur's face flushes a bright red. Brighter than Antonio's tomatoes..

He would attempt to shut the game off but you  grab the remote before he could do anything. "What's wrong? Embarrassed?" you teased. "___________, give me my remote back!" he asked in a impatient tone. You grin more and look at the game he was playing.

"Don't be Nervous Talking to Girls"

You read over the title multiple times to fully understand that this was a dating sim game. A cheap looking one at that. You gave a blunt stare to your friend. "So I worried over you for nothing?" you glare. Arthur flinch at your words. "T-This isn't what is it look's like" he tried explaining. "What next? 'Don't Die Dateless Dummy'?" you scoff as he was trying to explain.

He would blush "I'm pathetic am I?" he ask with a frown.

You walk over around his couch and sit down "What would possess you to play this?" you ask looking back at the embarrassed Brit.

His movements would fidget and move to the couch. Sitting next to you keeping his face down. "Well, Alfred said this would help..." he said quietly. You begin to puzzle at this and look at the game. "Are you training to talk to girls?" you ask. Arthur nod's slowly. "Well I'm a girl... You talk to me all the time." you blunting reply. His head would shoot up "I-It's not like that! I-I mean..." he would turn into a stuttering mess. His words fumbling to talk to you. Why is it so hard for his to talk to you now? What was so different for any other times he has spoken to you.

"It's for helping me talk to you love..." he finally breath out.

You stare at the messy haired blonde for a few seconds and blush in some what realizing his intentions. "Y-You know... This isn't the best way to train yourself." you shyly reply fiddling your fingers.

A hand would turn you to face the Brit making you stare into his wonderful emerald eyes. "I-I like you ___________ and for months it was harder for me to talk to you. I didn't want to embarrass myself" he would softly say and pull you into a loving kiss. You comply and kiss back, but only to be broken second later. "That's why I asked Alfred for help.. Since he's really good with women and all..."

You giggle "I think he was just trolling you to play this dating sim. So you would actually make a fool of yourself in front of me." Arthur's face fumed red mentally cursing that American. "R-Right.."

"Well I like you too Arthur Kirkland. I really like you." you smile kissing him. Arthur began to smile feeling your lips to his. A few minutes later of kissing, the both of you would pull away looking at the screen. "So what do I do with this game now love?" Arthur asked. You think and smile pulling the the remote up turning turn the console off.

"Well I can certainly say, we don't need a video game to play." you cooed.
Short little reader insert. I was watching one of my favorite Youtubers. Sp00nerism. [link] This game is so stupid. XD I don't know, I thought about England playing this if he was too nervous to talk to women.

I hope you all enjoy to small fluff! Comments and Criticism will be appreciated!

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story (c) :iconmslela92:

You (c) :iconsexyengland2plz:
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love your icon btw
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animelover-8 Featured By Owner May 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
And my crush who I deeply love is my best guy-friend and I've known him since 2 grade and we r in 7 th grade now and I have no problem talking to him
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Loved it!
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Indeed, but sadly England is bad with girls. So he doesn't know any better. ;) xD
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