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November 20, 2012
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Happily humming to the latest anime theme. You adjusted your cosplay wig making sure it won't easily slip. You giggle with glee as you stared at your cosplay outfit for your job. You worked for a cosplay cafe for major Otaku's as a waitress. You loved the attention. Talking about anime and manga to people. The cooing customer's that adored you as you waited them.

You didn't want to tell your boyfriend Kiku. Even though he was a hardcore otaku. You were too embarrassed to tell him or maybe he would be too ashamed of you for this risky job.

You sigh and open the curtain to the main lobby.

"__________! I need you to serve this Kawaii gentleman~!" A co-worker chirped acting her part. You smiled and skip to the male eyes closed acting Kawaii as possible. "Konichiwa~! How may I help you~!" You squealed.

A unnerving cough perked your ears. "_-_______?" A familiar voice stuttered in full blush.

You eyes fluttered open to see your blushing boyfriend. "K-Kiku!?" You squeaked just a shocked as he was. "What are you doing here!?" You exclaimed. Your boyfriend kept a steady blush on his face. "I-I shourd be asking you the same thing..." He stuttered more. Another co-worker to heed in this awkward  situation. "_________-chan is everything okay?" she asked.

You shook your head rapidly. "N-No I'm fine (co-worker's name) - senpai!" You laughed out nervously. She just shrugged giving a back to work motion.

You sigh still blushing from ear to ear.

"M-May I take your order sir?" You mutter embarrassingly. He flinch back to his menu. "O-oh yes.." he trailed and point to a picture "Just a strawberry cake prease" He asked with a still heated blush.

Later on after work you dreaded going home. Maybe earning a lot of trife for what he witnessed earlier.

As you went to change. You noticed your clothes missing "Ah great! Someone probably picked up my clothing by accident while changing!" You whined pulling the wig and cap off revealing you (color) hair falling to your shoulders. You grabbed your purse stomping out the back way grumbling unthinkable words you thought you didn't even knew to your unlucky day.

As you shut the door behind you and small humming was heard; a male hum.

You look across the way to reveal your boyfriend casually waiting for you against the gritty brick wall. You inched toward him to hear him humming to his favorite anime theme that still blasted from the cafe.

"K-Kiku?" You said gently putting a hand on his shoulder. He would stare at you and another dark blush crossed his face still in your cosplay. "W-Why aren't you changed _________?" he stumbled to find words. You sigh explaining your situation. He let a small smile. "I think it's well derserved karma for not terring me about your job" He chuckled softly. You sigh giving a slight bow. "Kiku, I'm sorry for being so dishonest about my job..." you frowned.

You felt a hand bring you into a hug. Another making you lay your head against his chest. "It's fine _________" He smiled petting your hair.

"Arthough... I am kind of jearous that other men get to see you in such cospray other then me" He smirked a little kissing your cheek.

You blush giving a slight giggle at his teasing. "I love you Kiku"

"(boku wa) kimi mo aishiteiru yo ___________" He chuckled petting your hair adoringly.
Man the first of many requests i'll be posting. I kind of liked how it turned out.

Hopy you all enjoy! Especially you :iconask-hetalia-mexico: who requested this! ^_^

Comments and criticism will be appreciated!

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story (c) :iconmslela92:

You and requester (c) :iconsexyjapanplz:
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I've worked at one of those things before. It was hot in there...
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((In other words, excellent!))
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