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March 7, 2013
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"Come on, ask him already~" Lela, your bestie kept insisting. She wouldn't let up on the whole you having a crush on Russia thing. Again you ignored her annoying pleas and changed into your maid outfit for todays World meeting. The two of you worked as maids at World conference room while the Countries argued and lectured each other on current events of the world.

Although they were suppose to help and fix the world, but you digress.

Walking out into the conference room you spot the tall handsome Russian standing idlely by some countries as the had a fit. The Countries being England and France going at it for god knows what as usual. The Russian known as Ivan chuckled at the two countries and glanced towards you for a bit giving a brief smile. You blush smiling back. A small nudge was given to you breaking you out of your fantasy. "So~" Lela said slyly. Her eyebrows wiggled up a down knowing whats going on.

"Lela, if you don't shush.. I'll tell America how absolutely in love with him you are." you threatened lightly. She huffed blowing a strand of hair out from her face in annoyance. "Fiiinnnee" She whined.  You smile and went to set up for the countries.

A couple hours later as the meeting progressed. Canada, AKA Mathew Williams walked over to you with a slight concerned face. "U-Um... ___________?.." Mathew stuttered shyly. You blink "Mathew, aren't you suppose to be seated?" Mathew rolled his eyes "Like they notice me anyways..."

"Well, what did you want Mathew?" You asked raising a eyebrow.

He push a paper into your hands and point loosely to the Russian nation. "If I were you... I'd be careful.. " Mathew warned. You sigh, How was Russia even remotely scary? He is always kind towards you. Why can't the other nations see it..

You pushed a strand of you hair behind your ear and crossed your leg over the over flipping the paper open. The hand writing was hastily done. Yet it was  readable.


Dear sunflower,

Please wait after the meeting for me, Da?

Love, Ivan  ^J^


Your face flushed and eyed over at Russia for a second. His position looked coy and a small blush was noticable on his face too. You felt nervous and even panic, was your long time friend and crush going to finally confess? Your mind could barely handle it. Ivan confessing to you?

Suddenly hands started shaking you.

"__________?...  ___________!?" Your best friend Lela struggle a hushed yell at you, trying to lift you out of your panic state. You gasp and stare at her "Huh?" you look around and see that the other Nations giving awkward stares. Including Ivan. "U-Um... Sorry! Continue your meeting!" you squeaked and immediately looked down.

"Right.... Anyways the bloody...." England trailed off back into the noise of the countries and a sigh of relief came over you. Well that embarrassing moment was over. Lela smirked nudging you playfully. "So... Is he finally-""Lela, stop before I freak again..." you whispered.

When the meeting finally ended. The countries left all except Ivan, AKA Russia.

The tall Russian stood infront of you and smiled. "What was that episode about eariler?". Of course he would bring up the little freak incident. "I just... Got a little excited is all hehe" you gave a awkward smile to him feeling shy. You then cleared your throat "Why did you ask me to stay after Ivan?" His smile grew small as his face grew red. "Well, I really like you ___________.... Will you be my Sunflower, Da?"

He pulled out a small sunflower out to your face. It made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside to see Ivan act so kind. Raising more question why the other nation would ever think of him as scary.

"You're such a dork... But I like you too Ivan. Thank you." you giggled giving him a big hug.
Um this is a extremely late christmas present for my friend... Haha... ^^; I put my name in the story because why not. ;D Since it's for a friend and whatever.

It's bad I know. I have extreme writers block..... comments and criticism please.. There might be grammar and spelling errors in this... Sorry about that. I don't have spell check anymore D:

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story (c) :iconmslela92:

You (c) :iconsexyrussiaplz:
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