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November 12, 2012
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"___________ ! Wake up!" (Sibling name) yelled smacking you to wake up "Up and adam __________!" he added with a smirk. You roll over giving the glare of all death glares. A small squeak escaped your siblings lips and slides away quietly.

" Oh (sibling name)~ " You growled softly. You sibling would give a horrific look. "Y-yes?" (He/she) squeaked again. "COME BACK HERE YOU LITTLE SPAZ" you declared angrily. The sibling flinched making a move to run. You tackled (him/her) from behind onto the (color) carpeted floor of your bedroom. You grinned in victory. "OK SIS I'M SORRY. GET YOUR FAT BODY OFF ME" (he/she) pleaded. A sigh escaped your lips and hit (him/her) softly " Get out you butt" saying in a tired tone.

You sibling bolted out of your room. Leaving you left on the floor to think.

The sun graced the features of your face. The day you'll see your boyfriend Francis has finally arrived. He was a world-renowned  thief. It was a risk to date such a bad guy, but could you really blame yourself? You just loved him. You exerted yourself off the floor and limbered over to the window. Smiling at the thought of him holding you close to his body. 'What did he ever see in me' you thought giggling.

He could of get any girl he wanted. Yet he stole your heart like the thief he was ironically.

You went throughout your day like normal until a couple of hours til you get to meet up with Francis.  You picked your (favorite color dress) and did you (color) hair in the style you wanted. Things were going perfectly until a certain scale came into view as you entered the bathroom.

Giving a huge gulp in your throat, you stepped on the scale.

Your eyes looking at your now weighed in result. Horror struck your face "I-I haven't lost a single pound!" you whined. You were hoping to be thinner when Francis see's you. How is he going to date you any longer if you stayed like this? The thought of him leaving saddened you. Making you feel anxious to go out at all.

"________! A letter came for you!" Your sibling chimed barging in. You clutched your dress to your naked frame. "Ever heard of knocking!" you fumed. (He/She) chuckled "Come on, who cares if I see you naked" (he/she) remarked. A first hit the tilted wall hard as your eyes glared into your soon to be dead sibling if he/she didn't leave. Your sibling gulped putting the letter on the sink. leaving as soon as (He/She) came in. Slamming the door behind.

Grasping the letter in your hands. I strong familiar scent hit your nostrils. I loving wine smell with a hint of roses. You opened the envelope to view beautiful hand written letter for you.


Dear,  Mon amour ____________

A year has past since we've seen each other and I miss you.  Please wait for me this evening at (time) in front of the museum of beauty. Until then, J'attendrai~

Sincerely, Francis Bonnefoy


Your cheeks flushed from his written words. You wanted to see him so badly. At this point you didn't care about your weight. These words made you forget.


Your arrived to the museum you were asked to attend too. Feeling dizzy of being nervous, you went to sit on a bench. watched the people go by. You kept a keen eye open for Francis. Besides he was the only guy in the world with golden wavy hair. He himself was a piece of art, he was so  beautiful to look at, if only you had kissed his lip's to see how soft his lips were before he left.

You waited, and waited and waited. A good few hours in fact. No Francis has shown up.
It disappointed you very much. Did he spot you? Did he just leave with discuss of having a chubby girlfriend like me, you thought stressing out. You  had known that Francis loving  to visit the museums. They were go picking for stealing, but maybe you  thought it was at the wrong time that he needed you to come.

A guard of the museum came up to you and smiled kindly"ok sweetie the museum is closing, you need to go" he asked politely. You nodded and stood up properly and left the museum.

A stream of tears beginning to hit the corners of your eyes.

"what am I kidding, Francis deserves better then me" you spoke softly. "There are way better girl's then me for Francis to love.."she choked up a little. You have fallen head over heels over this one guy. The one guy you thought loved you back. Only to be stood up. It was the worst feeling.

Sighing sadly as you set your head down walking."Now __________ don't be sad…"A male voice spoke out with concern. You jumped and took action "Alright, who ever's there! I know how to fight off perv's!" You yelled out. You then heard a familiar chuckle and jump out of a tall nearby tree. The person stood over her and gave a soft smirk. "long time no see Ma Cherie" Francis said seductively. You were shocked at first then happiness took over giving him a tight hug. "Francis! Where were you! I thought you ditched me!". He chuckle and smile down at you. " you've grown so nicely since the last time a saw Mon amour~" he grinned. A blushed spreaded deep into you cheeks. "Fr-Francis... Your embarrassing me." you looked away smiling a bit at his flattery.

The French man smiled "you're so cute" he pat her head and look down at her lovingly. You looked into his beautiful blue eyes. You blushed more "So, h-how you been Francis?" You asked shyly and Francis laughed. "After all this time we haven't seen each other that's all you have to say?" he teased.

"Well what else am I suppose to say? You retorted crossing your arms.

"How about something like… I love you?" he said softly into your ear. You blushed shifting your gaze to him. "I love you too Francis.."You smiled. The word you have waited so long to hear from you has finally been said. Feeling very warm and fuzzy inside. He then tilted your head "I'm glad you're Mon amour _________. You are perfect in every way possible." he whispering seductively and kissed your lips passionately.

It felt like magic to you, true magic. You kissed back Hold him close to you. He ran his fingers delicately in her hair kissing her a few more time. Finally letting go he pulled out a gorgeous necklace. You eyes sparkled at the objected. No words could have been spoken at this point. He chuckled lightly. "This little object is what kept me so long." He said putting it on around your neck.

"Just for ma belle rose~" he smiled.

You touched the item lightly smiling. He didn't care what size you were because you'll always be valuable to a thief's heart.
Ok I finally did it. My first France x reader one shot. I kind of like it, but I notice some flaws. Eh I tried my best.

I hope you all enjoy it! Comments and Criticism will be appreciated! (:

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story (c) :iconmslela92:

You (c) :iconsexyfrance2plz:
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StevesFanGirl Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014
Reader: Oh, Francis, this is just perfect! 
Francis: I am glad you like it, mon chere. By the way, don't wear that necklace until the heat off it cools down. Don't want you being brought in for questioning~! 
Reader: I love you, but goddammit Francis. 
Floridadaawesome Featured By Owner May 15, 2014
How much you wanna bet he stole that necklace from some famous museum far from america (or where ever you live)? 
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All boys out there im going to say this once so here i go. Im a chubby girl and so are other girls out there and if you dont like us the way we are then theres the door
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