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"__________! You'll never get away with this!" Alfred shouted over the others at the world meeting at you. You only giggled sticking your tongue out and hid behind the infamous BTT (Bad Touch Trio).

Alfred in a enraged motion threw a small tantrum. "Germany! __________ glued my butt to a chair again!" The American whined. Germany only gave a annoyed sigh rubbing the temples on his head. "You can't prove anything!" You retorted crossing your arms. England rolled his eyes at both you and The American. "You two are so immature" he scowled. You only smirked "Oh really, well maybe I like being immature!" You chimed in a over the top manner.

England just shook his head, which in turn made your best friends the BTT laugh. The meeting was nearing it's end anyway. You were getting so bored you just had to prank the American fool.

France and Spain snuggle you "She's so cute when she's so mischievous~" Antonio cooed. Francis nodded in agreement. You only blushed making a small smile at her friends.

"Kesese! She's pretty awesome. Though still not as awesome as me!" Prussia proudly proclaimed.
"England dude! She's so mean to me!" Alfred whined clinging to Arthur. "Oh man up you bloody wanker!" Arthur struggled.

A bit of pain hit your chest. 'not again...' you thought.

"Come on Alfred! It's not like that.. I'm not at all mean!" You protest and Alfred got up glaring. "You have been messing with me for years! Why! I ask! Why!" His bright blue eyes intensely burning into your (eye color) eyes. You manage to look away trying not to give any feeling away.

"It's because you're so easy to tick off.." You say bluntly.

America retreated to the corner of woe. "Jeez, not again." you whisper.

"Vee~ Maybe you should be nicer to Mr. America" Italy chimed in cutely. You just laugh petting the Italian's head "Me? Nice to Alfred?" You chuckle out. "No way, It's to funny to mess with him!" You laugh out again. Germany sighed getting more and more annoyed at this point. "Ms. ___________, if you're not nice to America. I have no choice but exspell you from the Meeting."  He warned sternly. Giving a light pout you sigh. "Aww you're no fun Ludwig..." you frown. After the meeting finally let out for the day. You walk out for some fresh air ready to go home.

Once you were gone out of sight. You lowered your head holding your hands close to your heart. "I can't help but tease and mess with that foolish American.. He's so oblivious to see that I... Love him." You whispered softly to yourself.

From across the halls you heard Alfred complaining to Arthur about country stuff. With slight ramblings from Arthur as well. She like England but purely hated him with he was around America.

It hurt to see Alfred all up on him like that. A friendship she wished she had with Alfred. Arthur hates it but doesn't realize how good he got's it with him.
Your phone started to chime.

You recognized the number. It was your boss. You gently place the cell to your ear "Yes? Hello?" You said waiting for a reply.  "Ms. ___________, I have many important things to tell you." Your boss began to speak.

<<<NEXT DAY>>>

"I can't believe my boss told me that yesterday.. But orders are orders I suppose. It maybe my chance anyways" You smirk.

Entering the world meeting room you saw your most trusted friends Prussia, France, and Spain run other tackle hugging you. "Hi guys~" You giggle to them. They all pout suddenly. "We tried contacting you yesterday after the meeting. Where did you go?" France complained twirling a piece of your (length/color) hair. You laugh "I was kind of busy. Oh by the way where is Alfred?" Your friends blink and point over the where Alfred was.

"Thank's guys!" You smile going over to Alfred. You smirk and sneaked behind the American. "I-I feel a disturbance in the force..." Alfred shivered.

You jump and tackle his pretty little dirty blonde head.

"Hey Alfred~" You said in a creepy manner. Alfred jumped and yelped in terror. You pin him to the floor and smile "Well, well what to do." you grinned becoming more evil looking.

"P-Please don't hurt me" He squeaked. You only laugh getting off giving him a hand up. "Of course not".

"Well to was weird" he said very confused.

"I don't want to hurt my master do I?" You smiled innocently.

"Master?" He repeated from you. "Oh that's right. You didn't here?" He just blinked more confused than ever. You smirk "Well my boss wanted to form a alliance with your boss. So they set up a treaty of having me be your maid."

His face paled still trying to process what you said. "O-Oh so that's what my boss was blabbering on about while I was chowing down those Mcdonald's burgers.." he half managed to talk out.

"Yep! I'm your maid now! Isn't that great" You cheered.

The American went into the corner of woe once again. "Why you! Why! This sucks! "He cried. "Hell I would rather have England as my maid than you.." he whimpered but shuddered quietly at the though of England strutting around in a little maids outfit. The pain in your chest returned again and you sighed. "Well I'm going to miss the meeting today... I'll settle my things at your house.. I need to start early anyways..." You choked up having tear almost spring out. You instantly ran out of the room before showing your real emotion.

"Now you done it you idiot!" Francis growled. Alfred blinked "What I didn't upset her did I?" he asked still very confused.

"Man he is an idiot. So unawesome!" Gilbert scoffed.

"You just don't get ____________'s feelings!" Spain chimed in equally not amused and just like that the trio all turned around giving Alfred the cold shoulder.

"Wait! What! Her feeling's?" The american said more dumbfounded. England came up putting a hand on Alfred's shoulder. "What the idiot trio is saying is that ___________ really likes you. You're too much of an oblivious moron to realize that." Arthur explain bluntly.

Alfred looked back where you ran off. "Maybe that's why she tortures you all the time. She wants you to give her attention, rather than on me." Arthur smiled sincerely. He was sticking up for you. His face then went back to it's usual self.

"Although, I don't know what she see's in you." Arthur scoffed walking off and once again leaving Alfred in the corner to sulk.

"There are plenty of reason for girl to like me!" Alfred just whined.

<<<Later on after the meeting>>>

Alfred looked around his home finding it all spotless. He headed to his bedroom seeing it also completely clean. "_________ has made my bed and folded my laundry too" he spoke softly. He thought that was nice of her, but you were his maid after all.

"Master Jones, welcome home" you spoke behind him. The tall American turned around setting his gaze on you. A blush grew on his features at the sight of you in a beautiful maid outfit. You blush back but turn "M-Master Jones, please don't look at me like that." you stutter shyly. He blushed more 'I didn't know she could be so innocent looking' he thought dreamily.

"You look so beautiful ___________." Alfred said warmly. Your face reddened more. You never imagined hearing those words coming from Alfred. Especially at you. You turn slightly to give a small glance. His Bright blue eyes were warm and inviting. They weren't afraid like the ones you used to see. It made your heart flutter badly.

"England explained why you mess with me so much.." He spoke stepping closer to you.

"U-Um oh really, what did he say?" You stuttered trying to find the right words to say. He nodded wrapping his arms around you. "He told me you did that because you were deeply utterly in love with me." He teased softly into your ear. You squeak pulling away slightly and turned your full attention towards him.

You felt a bit stubborn, so you cocked you head away giving a small huff. " So what if I am" He just chuckled gently taking your face to him. "Come on babe, you can't deny it~" he cooed."S-Stop torturing me Alfred..." You squirm beginning to overheat to the situation.

He laughed giving you a quick peck on the lips. "All is fair in love and war babe." he grinned.
I written this for my victory of reaching over 10,000 page views on DeviantART. A treat for my watchers! ^_^

I hope you all enjoy it!

My victory song: [link]

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Comments and Criticism will be appreciated!

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